Bible Radio

  • With Pastora Alisha Sumrall – ARE YOU 4REAL? challenges the authenticity of the youth of this generation. Listen to Pastora A everyday as she reviews music, artists, & lyrics. Hear her answer questions and topics […]
  • With Arvy & Sha Concepcion – It’s all about Family! Hosted by husband & wife team, Arvy & Sha Concepcion. Hear them interview families committed to the church, ministry and to one another.
  • With Cathedral of Praise Entrepreneurs Fellowship – Learn to do BUSINESS BY THE BOOK and reap the rewards of practical & Biblical business principles.
  • With Teens Ministry – Listen to practical tips, social issues, and life-changing topics that will help teens live life in light of God’s Word.
  • An hour dedicated to learning and reflecting from the Word of God, with Pastor David E. Sumrall.
  • Gaither Homecoming at Bible Radio
    Bringing together great theology and great music for a half-century.
  • With Liyo & Ivory – Various married couples answer age-old questions on love, courtship & marriage, with a guest Pastor making sure the scriptures always have the last say in HE SAID, SHE SAID, THE […]
  • With Cathedral of Praise Luke’s Call Ministry – Listen to Bible-believing doctors and medical professionals talk about health, medicine and the healing power of Jesus.
  • RIVER NIGHT at the Cathedral of Praise (COP) Main Campus is recorded live every Friday at 7PM. Join the COP Christian Arts Department in praise & worship and listen to PASTOR DAVID SUMRALL, preaching straight […]
  • With Jay – J-JAM stands for Jesus JAM! Listen to Jesus Music and scriptures that will surely help you get through your day.
  • With Young Builders Department – BIBLE RADIO believes in the God-given purpose of every child. So we created the KIDS BIBLE RADIO for kids who love God & the Bible – praise & pray, love […]
  • With Cathedral of Praise Rangers – MAN UP Radio celebrates real men from every race, age and background. This is a show for all sons of God unashamed of fulfilling the Lord’s good purpose. Hear […]
  • With Cathedral of Praise MMU Ministry – Calling all men & women of God in uniform: all policemen, soldiers, firemen, and people in security & defense. Join the MIGHTY MEN IN UNIFORM REPORT and hear […]
  • With Cathedral of Praise Moms on Mission – Witness how courageous moms tackle life & solo-parenting head on, with humor & wit.
  • Start the day with prayer and music to worship our Lord.
  • Pawverbs 12:10
    Proverbs 12:10 says “A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”
  • Hear Christian Music Golds. Relive & revive the best Christian songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s, presented to you by Christian Music maven, Brother David Dizon.
  • With Exemplary Senior Citizens – At Senior Moments, the goodness of God is never forgotten. Hosted by a wise, vibrant and spunky team of Senior Citizens, every week they discuss an array of topics about […]
  • With Pastor David Sumrall – Hear various sermon series straight from the Cathedral of Praise Pulpit.
  • With Cathedral of Praise Youth Department – Inspired by Matthew 5:13-16, in a season full of compromise, SNL Level Up! compels the youth to be salt and light of this world.
  • With Managers & Executive’s Fellowship – Learn to successfully navigate the maze of the corporate world in an ethical & biblical manner. Listen to managers & executives from different industries who are making a stand […]
  • SHEPHERD’S HOUR is a 1-hour show for pastors in the full-time ministry. Hear Pastor David Sumrall’s tailor-made teaching & preaching address the needs of the modern-day church shepherds.
  • Be immersed and study the Word of God in the THEOLOGY CLASS ON AIR, which centers on Christ Jesus, our Savior.
  • With Cathedral of Praise Christian Arts Department – Hosted weekly by Josh, CAD Pastors and guest musicians, singers and dancers. All music & talk about praise & worship – bible style!
  • With Cathedral of Praise Legal Advocates – TRUTH & JUSTICE is a show about legal matters and its Biblical counterpart. Featuring a brilliant team of law practitioners, law educators, law students and guest Pastors.
  • With Christian Music Enthusiasts  – A music show featuring contemporary praise & worship songs with weekly word of the day, bible character spotlight, and encouraging personal short stories.
  • Join the Cathedral of Praise (COP) congregation every weekend in praise & worship and studying of the Word of God. Undershepherd PASTOR DAVID SUMRALL takes the helm in teaching and preaching at the Cathedral of […]
  • With Wired Young Professionals – Listen to WORD AT WORK and get wired to the real source of your daily office power.
O Lord, all my longing is before you; my sighing is not hidden from you.