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Desteened Nation

With Teens Ministry – Listen to practical tips, social issues, and life-changing topics that will help teens live life in light of God’s Word.

As For Me And My Household

With Arvy & Sha Concepcion – It’s all about Family! Hosted by husband & wife team, Arvy & Sha Concepcion. Hear them interview families committed to the church, ministry and to one another.

Kids Bible Radio Playlist

With Young Builders Department- Kids Music show hosted by Mommies & Children and Daddies & Children teams. Listen, learn & bond with your kids as they praise & worship with you.

Plug and Praise

With Gian Nealega – Let Gian and his weekly guests help you turn your everyday playlist into a #PraiseList – songs full of the Word and full of Jesus!

This Is Praise

With Cathedral of Praise Christian Arts Department – Hosted weekly by Josh, CAD Pastors and guest musicians, singers and dancers. All music & talk about praise & worship – bible style!


With Jay – J-JAM stands for Jesus JAM! Listen to Jesus Music and scriptures that will surely help you get through your day.

Are you 4Real?

With Pastora Alisha Sumrall – ARE YOU 4REAL? challenges the authenticity of the youth of this generation. Listen to Pastora A everyday as she reviews music, artists, & lyrics. Hear her answer questions and topics from the Word of God.


An hour dedicated to learning and reflecting from the Word of God, with Pastor David E. Sumrall.

My soul yearns for you in the night; my spirit within me earnestly seeks you. For when your judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness.